Crypto Wizard is a Futures Trade Bot written in Node JS, currently in beta phase.

It uses a custom written trade algorithm that is based on volatility indexes, exponential moving averages and volume indicators.

The bot is currently optimized to run LONG on XBTUSD and ETHUSD pairs, increasing associated Bitcoin and Ethereum coin balances.

Trades happen through exchange API calls, this means members use their own accounts and manage their own funds.


Currently passed alpha and stress test phase, still evaluating past trades and analyzing data in order to keep optimizing the algorithm and its parameters.
Meanwhile adding extra features, tweaking the performance and code base overall – working towards version 1.0!

See Discord for all details!

The bot is fully operational and has proven to exceed expectations, the results so far are impressive to say the least.
Bot ID # 0 log and performance channels are public as a track record.

The live update log of the current run is visible in #🤖-krkn-0, updates once per hour.
Overall results and performance records can be found in #🔎-perf-0, updates once per month.

Currently there are already multiple instances running on both pairs, meanwhile over 10 in total.
Other bot channels are only visible to the client and our team, as we want to keep privacy in tact.

We are looking to deploy more bots for a select network of individuals at this time, you can reach out to us if you’re interested in renting an instance.
Our aim is a full fledged product as a service for the Crypto Wizard Trading Bot, the primary focus is algorithm performance.

If you have any related questions please ask in #💬-general public channel, or contact any @mod.
You can ask questions about your own bot in the appropriate #-perf-x private channel.

To the moon!

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