Crypto Wizard is a Cryptocurrency Futures Trading Bot written from scratch.

You can find performance history and application statistics on our Home page.

For more information about Crypto Wizard and its features, pricing and instructions, see our Info page.

Go to the application Dashboard to start using Crypto Wizard!

Robot on Twitter Twemoji 13.1


If you have any questions or need help you can contact our support team through Discord or by email at support@cryptowizard.pro!



Launched version 1.0!

The bot algorithm back-end is written in Node JS and the application dashboard front-end in Laravel.

We are still evaluating past trades and analyzing data in order to keep optimizing the algorithm and its parameters.
Meanwhile adding extra features, tweaking the performance and code base overall.

The algorithm performance has proven to exceed expectations, the results so far are impressive to say the least.

All Crypto Wizard results are publicly available through our Discord public bot channels as a live track record.
Technical details and general updates will be announced through the updates channel.

To the moon!

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