Kraken Account Setup


Create Kraken Account

  1. Go to Kraken and sign up for an account
    Use a strong (long) password!
  2. Activate your account via email code

Click here for more information.

Verify Kraken Account

  1. Login to your Kraken account
  2. Verify your account by clicking the verification pop-up on the main page
  3. Make sure you verify for the INTERMEDIATE level or higher

Click here for more information.

Setup 2FA Verification

  1. Go to your user Settings and select Security
  2. Setup 2FA for Sign-in using Authy (or Google Authenticator)
  3. Optionally setup 2FA for Funding as well

Click here for more information.

Account Funding

  1. Go to Funding through the main menu
  2. Select Bitcoin (or preferred funding asset) and click on Deposit
  3. Generate a new deposit address at the bottom of the screen
  4. Copy the newly generated deposit address
  5. Send the funds using your preferred Bitcoin wallet (or other asset) to this address

Click here for more information.


Your Kraken account is now set up and ready to fund the Futures platform!

The next step is to provide Kraken Futures Funding before you can start using Crypto Wizard.

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